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Designing digital experiences to bring art to life. Incorporating technology to deliver seamless, engaging presentations that portray stories in a personalized manner.




We establish a thematic direction that informs creative decision-making and results in designs that communicate your vision. We use a conceptual approach to audiovisual and interactive design that builds on existing foundations. By using media, virtual and augmented reality platforms, we engage visitors in immersive and large-format media experiences.

Direction & Design

Our innovative designs tell stories using unobtrusive technology. We enable the storytellers and support the narratives, delivering immersive and unforgettable exhibit experiences. Our designs balance style with longevity, function with visual appeal, and cost with maximized resources and revenue.


We will develop an engagement framework to bring forth the narrative, connecting the community and sharing their stories through the creation of exhibits and experiences.


We design systems that present and share stories in a way that moves audiences away from traditional museum models to progressive cultural learning that promotes dialogue and encourages participation. Informed research and community engagement combined with our experience and skills result in extraordinary exhibits.

Technology is changing the way that people experience arts, culture, and history. It is used to deliver immersive digital exhibits, enhance presentations with virtual and augmented realities, and leverage existing data to ensure content is engaging and current.


Technology is an expectation in every venue to deliver experiences to audiences. In the past, audio-video technologies communicated information. Now, successful facilities integrate digital experiences into programs and events. Digital experiences require investment in infrastructure that supports communication and provides a positive, rich, and engaging guest experience.

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