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Spectators expect a truly immersive experience in today’s entertainment venues; this requires fully integrated audio, video, and lighting technology throughout. Technology is the key to creating an innovative space that delivers an engaging experience, while delivering ease-of-use to the facilities operational staff.



The guest experience in a sports and entertainment venue begins when they approach the building and does not finish until they leave. It needs to be an engaging and immersive experience throughout the entire building. This means an innovative use of technology through an easy-to-manage system that is continually capturing the attention of the fans.


Creating that perfect fan environment requires innovative solutions that allow fans to interact in a variety of ways - interactive signage, IPTV systems, presentation systems, dynamic audio and video systems.


Attract advertisers! With proper audio and video solutions you can deliver more sought-after ad spaces, making them more valuable and desirable.


The ultimate goal in a large scale venue is to have the technology be transparent but the experience unforgettable; this requires a tremendous amount of planning, design, and equipment that needs to be integrated and programmed in a way that is easy to operate, update and manage.

Sports and entertainment facilities need to support numerous events - sporting events, concerts, variety shows, trade shows, and conventions. With this wide variety of events, the scalability and functionality of the space are key. Technology is used for audio/visual, broadcast, lighting, and communications systems in daily operations. VWMason offers design, procurement support, construction administration, commissioning, and operational support of all technology. 

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