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Rogers Place


Oilers Entertainment Group




Edmonton, AB


Seating Capacity: 18,500 – 21,000
Technology Scope: 42 Million CAD

Rogers Place opened in September 2016 as the most state-of-the-art pro-sports arena in North America. Upon the successful completion of the Rogers Place construction project, Vernon managed the arena’s AV department for the first two hockey seasons. Ultimately, after Oilers Entertainment Group wound down its Facilities & Systems Design team, VWMason Technology Consultants Ltd. was born. Throughout the Rogers Place design phase, the HOK team kept the vision for timeless design in focus, and the results are exceptional. In November 2019, Rogers Place earned the Gold Award for exemplary architecture from the International Olympic Committee and International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities. Inspired architecture and technology are seamlessly integrated throughout Rogers Place, creating a guest experience that is unmatched. The unique roles of owner’s technology representative, consultant, and building operator that the VWMason team played on the Rogers Place project created the passion for focused vision, inspired design, and technical excellence that is now their corporate brand.

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