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Every successful project begins with a vision. As an owner, executive, or project manager, you have a dream for your building or space. We are passionate about focusing your vision, ensuring it cuts through the noise, and building your dream into the heart of each system we design.


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Focused vision creates inspired designs. Leveraging the latest technology to create extraordinary environments requires integrating style, function, and the unique vision at the centre of your project. By balancing stylization with longevity, function with visual appeal, and cost with aspiration, we produce inspired and cohesive designs while maximizing resources and revenue.

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Inspired design produces technical excellence. When vision informs the design process, we eliminate non-essentials and concentrate resources on implementing the most suitable systems. As consultants not affiliated with manufacturers or integrators, we keep your vision, needs, and budget in focus. The highest standards of technical excellence are maintained in each phase of your project. We are committed to working alongside you and your team through to completion and operation.


Technology consultants are experts in audio, video, broadcast and LED technology. VWMason has over 60 years of combined experience; we know the best practices to use and which pitfalls to avoid. Over the years, we've worked on projects of every size and complexity. Bringing our expertise to your project means you don't need to become an expert yourself. We assess your project or space, analyze the various sets of resulting data and finally, recommend products that will provide the best solutions. VWMason has the expertise to help you create an engaging, innovative experience for any project. To discuss your current and upcoming projects, contact us today.

  • Project Planning
    We have worked on projects of every scope. We know the necessary steps, requirements, time estimates and common roadblocks. Our expertise and experience help plan your project and ensure fewer surprises when complete.
  • Unbiased Insight
    As external consultants, we’re not influenced by internal factors. We see your needs and build a solution based on the information you provide and the research we conduct. We provide neutral, unbiased advice and help drive conversations toward viable solutions.
  • Value & Quality Control
    Every piece of technology has options with ranges of quality and cost. Our expertise highlights available options and helps determine which are acceptable, what to avoid and why. Often the lowest cost solution causes more issues and costs more in the long run. VWMason identifies problems and offers qualified and quantified solutions.
  • Procurement Support
    Procurement assistance is one of VWMason’s sharpest skills. The importance of hiring the right integrators and trades at the best price cannot be overstated. We have extensive project experience and connections with many manufacturers, integrators and trades. We draw on this information to help you build the best possible team.
  • Long-Lasting Relationships
    As trusted experts, we value relationships with our clients and love to share our expertise. We share advice and tips at every step of the project, and we're there to help if you experience problems afterward. Our team is certified on most products we specify, and our services include customized training to supplement manufacturer training. Effective training increases user adoption and speeds up project rollouts.
Who We Serve
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Your audience is the most important aspect of any design. Whether you are telling a story, creating an educational experience, or dazzling an audience with an immersive display, the appropriate audiovisual components can answer your key audiences’ questions.

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Municipalities and public sector clients require the use of audio, video, and control in their daily operations; we design systems that are reliable, sophisticated, and robust while meeting high levels of security and usability.

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With over three decades of experience designing everything from LED scoreboards, video production control rooms and spectacle displays, to the back end of audio systems and video routing, VWMason can create an unforgettable experience for your fans.



Over our many years in the audio-visual industry, we have worked on projects of every size and complexity; we know best practices to embrace and pitfalls to avoid. If you have a need, we know how to address it! We have the qualifications to analyze and interpret the various sets of data that come out of our assessments of your project or space and we will recommend solutions that will address your needs.



“I have worked closely with Vernon Mason on many projects over the past 20 years. Major projects include the LED scoreboard, fascia displays, and audio upgrades at Rexall Place Arena, as well as the complete audio, video, and lighting technology scope for Rogers Place Arena in Edmonton, Alberta. What impresses me the most is that Vernon places the same level of importance on forging a long-term relationship with the client as he does in helping the client navigate the world of technology. To this day, there is never a moment when I can’t informally reach out to Vernon to discuss strategic or technical questions on future projects. He is always gracious with his time and professional expertise; he is a colleague rather than just a consultant.”

Stew MacDonald

Executive Vice President, Oilers Entertainment Group

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